1. Entrevista com Paul Thomsen no site do FMI - link.

Excerto: "Portugal’s problems are above all structural, as evidenced by the very low growth during the good years before the global crisis hit in 2008 and by record-high unemployment. In a nutshell, Portugal needs to become much more open to competition. This is the only way to create jobs and generate higher incomes."

2. Comentario do Economist ao memorando ("O veneno de Socrates") - link.

Excerto: "Portuguese voters listening to José Sócrates, the caretaker prime minister, announcing a €78 billion ($116 billion) bail-out deal from the European Union and the IMF this week may have thought it was a campaign broadcast for the June 5th election. He boasted that the three-year programme was more lenient than those for Greece and Ireland, and then listed what the package did not contain [...]"

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