"Public–private partnerships for wind power generation: The Portuguese case"

Artigo de Ana Cravinho Martins, Rui Cunha Marques, and Carlos Oliveira Cruz publicado na revista "Energy policy".

"Research highlights:
-Feed-in remuneration scheme can foster the development of wind power plants.

-Criteria for selecting the winner bid are politically driven.

-Contracts may improve if incentives to guarantee efficiency gains over time are provided.

-There is no effective risk transfer to private partners concerning commercial risk."

Da conclusao:

In fact, from an economic perspective, there is an extra cost associated with this energy type, when compared to more conventional energy sources. This is reflected in the remuneration scheme adopted. Between 2006 and 2010, the additional cost of providing this type of energy, comparing with conventional sources, was 1400 million Euros. The remuneration scheme adopted, and the existing regulatory framework, will keep imposing an additional cost to consumers (estimated in 90 Euros per consumer), until the prices of wind power and conventional sources are equal (strong convergence is required).

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