"Why American Management Rules the World", HBS blog.

"In Greece, Some See a New Lehman", NY Times.

Handbook sobre impacto cientifico, LSE.

"Why debt rescues will boost the scenario of a closer union", W. Munchau (FT).

"Will Greece Make It?", Dani Rodrik: "As soon as financial markets begin to question the credibility of a government’s commitment to a fixed exchange rate, they become a force for instability. At the slightest hint of things going awry, investors and depositors pull up stakes and move capital out of the country, thereby precipitating the collapse of the currency. [...] For the Greek program to have any chance, the Papandreou government must mount a monumental effort to convince its domestic constituents that economic pain is the price they are paying for a brighter future – and not just a means to satisfy external creditors."

Discurso de António Barreto, nas comemoracoes do 10 de Junho - link.

"Alunos abandonam escola obrigatóri​a por dificuldad​es financeira​s" - Publico.

"Top 10 [US] Thriving Industries: From Biotech to prison guards" - link.

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