"Country notes" da OCDE...

... para Portugal, na area do mercado de trabalho:

"Reduce labour market dualism

Reformed but still-high job protection on regular contracts leads to labour market dualism, while the unemployment benefit system discourages job search by older workers and is inequitable.

Actions taken: The authorities imposed a cap on benefit replacement rates and made refusal of job offers more difficult in 2010.

Recommendations: Further reduce job protection on regular contracts. Reduce unemployment benefit generosity for older workers, by making benefit duration, replacement rates and their reduction throughout the unemployment spell age-independent. To better cover young and temporary workers, broaden benefit eligibility by reducing the required contributory period."

Nenhuma novidade - mas agora, com choque exogeno (embora provocado por forcas endogenas), finalmente tera' que ser.

Na area da educacao, as transformacoes ja sao menos especificas e de prazos mais alongados:

"Improve secondary and tertiary educational attainment

Still low secondary and tertiary educational attainment weighs heavily on productivity and income levels.

Actions taken: The authorities raised the compulsory education age from 15 to 18 in 2009, revised teacher performance evaluation in 2010 and have continued to expand vocational educational and training (VET) and to implement tertiary education reforms.

Recommendations: Enhance career guidance and employers’ involvement in VET. Reduce school-year repetition through more efficient interventions targeted to at-risk individuals. Implement training for teacher evaluation and link it to school evaluation. Continue to upgrade working adults’ qualifications, at both secondary and tertiary levels. Ensure systematic monitoring and external assessment of all major reforms."

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