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A propósito de um dos aspectos discutido na recente "entrevista sobre o futuro" a Mário Centeno, ocorre-me este artigo: Flexicurity and job satisfaction in Europe: The importance of perceived and actual job stability for well-being at work, na revista "Labour Economics".

Abstract: (...) [W]e study the effect of a micro-level measure of flexicurity on workers' job satisfaction. To this end, using micro-data from the Eurobarometer survey, we disaggregate the sample of workers into different groups according not only to their employment contract (i.e. permanent or temporary), but also to their perceived job security, and we evaluate differences in job satisfaction between these groups. (...) [T]he results show that what matters for job satisfaction is not just the type of contract, but mainly the perceived job security, which may be independent of the type of contract. The combination "temporary but secure job" seems preferable to the combination "permanent but insecure job", indicating that the length of the contract may be less important if the worker perceives that s/he is not at risk of becoming unemployed. Our main conclusions (...) generally hold within different welfare regimes (...).

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